NewPhase Clinical Trials facility has a modern patient waiting room, check-in area, administrative office with work stations, coordinator office, doctor office, examination rooms, laboratory, research study room, locked drug storage room and private bathroom.

New Phase Clinical Trials Facility

For Information:

(305) 858-4300

‚ÄčResearch Studies

We have vast experience in collecting PK samples, ABPM's, MTT's, ETT's, EKG's and general lab processing and shipping.

Our facility offers the following comprehensive clinical and diagnostic equipment and services:

  • ECG Machines
  • Centrifuges
  • Reclining Exam Chairs
  • Height Measuring Device and Scale Weighing System
  • Mercury Sphygmomanometer
  • Min-Max Thermometers
  • Laboratory with secured freezer units and centrifuge.
  • Stress Test
  • Ultra Sound
  • ANS diagnostic
  • Ambulatory Surgical Center Access